Revisiting BBC Languages: The British Broadcasting Corporation Updates its Online Language Learning Resource Centre

BBC Languages New Look and Feel

The BBC has recently updated its BBC Languages resources! The new look and features are a considerable upgrade, making it easier to see all the resources available and get learning the languages you want to learn.

BBC Languages has always been a great place to access self-contained beginner courses in Chinese, German, Greek, French, Italian and Portuguese. There are also tidbits and goodies in other languages.

Recently, the BBC has revamped it's entire website for more flexibility, personalization and ease of use. In the languages section, this means it's easier than ever to find online courses, grammar info, learning games, dictionaries, self-assessment tests, resources for tutors, info about going abroad, photos, tips, stories, audio, video, related links, local class finder, cool/slang words and phrases... It's all there and packed with good content!

Also available are the Steps in 12 Weeks free email courses for French, German, Italian and Spanish. Plus, intermediate resources have been created for learning French and Spanish, with more languages to follow.

All in all, the BBC's momentum in the free online language-learning department is not slowing down. They consistently add new resources, new languages and interesting content for learners and educators/tutors alike.

Have a look at the new BBC Languages Website.

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