Café Babel is a multilingual European political, economic and cultural news magazine published by over 20 local teams in many EU countries. The site has news, cultural and linguistic goodies in catalá, Deutsch, English, español, français, italiano and polski.

Café Babel publishes several mini-magazines that bring light to several topics:

The growing network of local teams that makes up Café Babel are European youths interested in and focused on trans-European world affairs, politics, society, economy and culture. To get a more personal look at some of the members of this team (the ladies, at least), have a look at this flickr photo album of The Women of Café Babel. Pretty cool, and it makes it more personal. (Miglena, Araceli, Camelia: if you read this drop me a line. :)

This particular news feed is the Spanish language site-wide RSS feed. You can use it to keep up with what's hot over at Café Babel and practice your Spanish o give students some current events to work with. Many of the articles are written in multiple languages, providing learners and educators alike with excellent material.

From Website is made up of a network of local teams across Europe. Bringing together young people from across the continent, this network aims to contribute to the construction of pan-European public opinion through the magazine.

The local teams are’s backbone. Their function? To propose subjects for issues, articles and interviews; to recruit writers and translators; to promote; and to organise ‘café debates’ and events. Interested in setting up a local team?

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