CatSpanish App Combines Cuteness, Humor, Visual Association, Testing and Repetition for Learning Spanish

Hire Lolcats to Teach you Spanish for $0.99

The Cat Academy is an entertaining idea from the folks at Memrise, one of the hottest and coolest (?!) sites for learning languages (and many other things) online.

Cat Academy released their first iPhone app, called CatSpanish. The idea is quite simple: Cats are cute. Well, there's actually a lot more to it than that, but as far as marketing goes, finally finding a practical use for the Lolcat meme has already proven to be quite a coup.

Beyond the cute cats, CatSpanish employs some of the methodology that has made Memrise such a success: using "mems" to increase memory retention. Mems, as explained by the good folks at Memrise, are images that can help your brain associate new vocabulary (or concepts, etc) with something memorable which will give new information something to connect with in your brain circuitry. In their own words, they "help you form vivid, sensory memories."

See the quote below for more info about their learning method, which combines cuteness with humor, visual association, testing and repetition.

Cat Academy's CatSpanish App Promo Video