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Learn a Language while Listening to Music

Earworms Learning has created a unique product for learners of numerous foreign languages including French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish (Arabic coming soon). earworms mbt® Rapid Languages combines language-learning instruction with a variety of music and subtle repitition to engage students and enhance memorization. And it works!

Developed by language teaching experts and leveraging technology for accelerated learning, earworms manages to penetrate the brain in some amazing ways and anchor words and phrases deep into memory. It's the next best thing to learning in your sleep!

Music has frequently been proven effective in memorization. earmworms takes this to the next level by putting tunes together with a language course that follows the Common European Framework for language learning. The result is truly a revolutionary product that marks the beginning of a new era in language learning.

Use earworms to learn languages quickly and effectively while exercising, commuting, meditating, traveling or even working (if you can get away with it!).

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