Medical Spanish Podcast for Doctors, Health Practitioners and Hospitalists

Learn the Medical Spanish Needed to Work with Spanish-Speaking Patients

Medical Spanish Podcast is a free and paid podcast that covers in depth Spanish medical language for doctors and hospital workers dealing with Spanish-speaking patients.

Many shows are offered for free via their iTunes podcast and on the website. Most of the content is premium and can be purchased as an annual subscription to access all content or in pieces for specific material.

These podcasts are professionally done and highly-specific. Topics included cover Spanish vocabulary and language for Endocrine, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Clinic, Pediatrics, Hospital, Mental Health, Building Blocks, Cardiovascular Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Tests and Interventions, Reproductive Health, Nursing, Neurology and Gastroenterology. Each of these sections has many additional subsections covering the many necessary Spanish language needs of a medical practitioner.