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Notes in Spanish Intermediate Podcast is a useful podcast for advanced learners of the Spanish language to keep up to speed on modern lingo and continue improving skills.

Notes in Spanish also has a resources for advanced learners.

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Ben Curtis and Marina Diez live in Madrid, Spain, and have been making podcasts (internet radio programmes) since May 2005. Notes in Spanish is the home of our intermediate and advanced Spanish podcasts, plus great tips and resources to help you learn Spanish.

The Notes in Spanish podcast comes in two levels, Intermediate and Advanced. Both levels are completely free, and are described in full below.

Notes in Spanish Podcast: Intermediate

The intermediate level provides ideal listening practice for those that feel they have passed the beginner phase and want to incorporate new, real, and exciting vocabulary and language into their Spanish. The conversations are completely natural, and are designed to help you to start speaking just like the Spanish do. They are also perfect for Spanish GSCE audio practice, and other intermediate level Spanish exams. Our worksheets make an ideal accompaniment to the podcasts: they include a full transcript of each conversation, a list of the crucial Spanish vocab and phrases from each podcast, and key exercises to help your Spanish improve.

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