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Vocabulix is a great resource for verb conjugations and vocabulary building through self-testing for English, German and Spanish language learners. Have a look at the verb conjugators for English, German and Spanish. Or test yourself in either of these thrree languages with the verb drills tool.

As the name would have you believe, you can also increase your vocabulary skills using their vocabulary builder, which allows you to determine a level of study, choose the type of test and review the terms before starting. Quite handy!

Also of note are the friend finder and lesson creation tool (available only when logged in).

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You can use the tools below to conjugate verbs quickly right here, too!


Verb conjugator - English

Learn English   English Verbs   by www.vocabulix.com


Verb conjugator - German

Learn German   German Verbs   by www.vocabulix.com


Verb conjugator - Spanish

Learn Spanish   Spanish Verbs   by www.vocabulix.com

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Learn Languages free and online with Vocabulix: Improve your vocabulary skills in foreign languages, online and free!

Vocabulary Builder

With over 90 predefined vocabulary lessons or create your own foreign language lessons and share them with other online users (also: French, Italian, Portuguese, Czech...)

Verb Drills

Learn Spanish verb conjugations, learn German conjugations or learn English conjugations with this efficient tool. Verb drills

Verb Conjugation Tables

In Spanish, German and English.

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