World Nomads iPod Spanish Language Podcasts


This podcast, along with other podcasts by World Nomads, has good content about world-travel and related activities. The podcasts are accompanied by transcriptions and give you basic phrases that are handy for travelers.

The actual download itself is sort of hidden at the bottom of the page under a dialogue-style lesson. You can download it directly here.

World Nomads allows you to teach languages by publishing lessons, as well as maintain a travel journal. You must be a member to use these features.

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World Nomads present a series of podcast language guides. They are yours to download for free and contain all the essential phrases to keep you travelling safely.

We hope that in 2007 there'll be time to produce a few more guides, so feel free to leave us a comment or send an email with suggestions for the languages you'd like to learn.

Visit World Nomads Spanish Language Guide for your iPod.