Best Web Browser for Language Learning?

The Way Goats Eat is Called Browsing

When given the chance, goats range freely and choose their preferred diet.

Not all goats fancy the same plant food.

Free Browser Apps for Language Learners

Google's browser, Chrome (Chromium on Linux), lets language learning services make native tools for education.

Huge Tool Selection

There are simply too many Chrome language apps to go into here, so you'll have to take a look for yourself at the selections to see if there are some that fit your target language and needs. To use these apps you'll need to install Chrome and then add the apps you want to use.

Big Guys & Small Upstarts

Among the many existing Chrome browser language apps out there are add-ons for learning services like Babbel, Busuu and Duolingo, as well as a host of dictionaries, thesauruses, games, quizzes, tests, vocabulary boosters, Chinese and Japanese character tutors, translators, flash card creators, language immersion widgets and much more.

Access Translation & Map Anything

Many language learners are aware of Google Translate, a free service for translation between dozens of languages which has been, since its inception, an indispensable language learning tool for me.

Native Access to Data from Natives

Native access to Google's translation engine combined with community browser apps are what make Chrome arguably the best browser for learning languages. This gives it a head up on, say Firefox, which also has an enormous amount of language add-ons available, but currently no built-in translation access.

More Versatile with Less Privacy;)

I'd just like to point out the obvious fact that Google amasses data on anyone using their web services and products. This may be pertinent for people who prefer privacy over convenience.