FLP3: Free Enhanced Language Exchange App - Interview with Zackery Ngai, CEO of HelloTalk

HelloTalk app makes effective language exchange mobile

I caught up with Zackery Ngai while he was traveling in Shanghai on behalf of the free HelloTalk language exchange app. He’s the project's founder and continues developing an extraordinary yet simple app for effective multilingual exchange.

HelloTalk takes it further than just a dialogue, allowing users to use enhanced tools to manage time, translate on-the-fly, exchange links and content, send recorded messages and more.

HelloTalk is a project started by and for language learners who wanted a more effective method of social language exchange. With this app, you can keep a steady flow of custom language exchange partners using built-in friending tools and privacy choices.

What’s coming for HelloTalk?

Zackery tells us about some upcoming features for HelloTalk including video chat and voice channels. He uses Benny the Irish Polyglot as an example language learning personality that could address an audience of crowds of people at once through their own channel.

Zackery Ngai’s language hacks

Preferring to stay interested with ease while learning languages, Zackery learns watching films and interacting with native speakers. He gives some personal learning tips to close out this session, noting how useful its been for him to keep learning time engaging.

A peek under the hood

Zackery gives us an overview of the front end tools, translation engines, voice recognition technology and APIs used to power HelloTalk’s functionality.


The following language gurus are mentioned by Zackery in this episode as being free sources of language learning advice:

Benny the Irish Polyglot
Luca Lampariello
Olly Richards

Get HelloTalk for free!

HelloTalk is free and works on iOS and Android devices!

Technical notes

Apologies for my goofing the quality of Zackery’s side of the Skype recording. There are some rough bits in the connection in the first part which are, well, humps in my podcast production learning trail. Please just bear with me through the start, it does improve.

I suppose the whole thing is somewhat akin to language learning itself!

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